The client part of Beesmart middleware is implemented as an application for
Ekioh SVG browser. To run Beesmart middleware on Dune HD STB, a special
"Ekioh STB firmware" should be installed on Dune HD STB and configured

To setup Dune HD STB for the use with Beesmart the following steps should
be typically performed:
   1. Prepare.
   2. Configure Beesmart server.
   3. Install Ekioh STB firmware.
   4. Configure STB to connect to proper Beesmart server.

See below for the details.


Before installing Ekioh STB firmware, it is recommended to perform the
following actions in the native Dune UI. If Ekioh STB firmware is already
installed on the STB, you can get into the native Dune UI using the
instructions described int the section "Getting to native Dune UI from
Ekioh STB firmware".

1.  Make note of device MAC address. Open page "Setup" / "Information" and
    write down MAC address of the device for further use.

2.  If you want to be able to access STB configuration via telnet, enable
    telnet access on the device. See the section "Telnet access to STB" in
    the following document:

    Alternatively, you could also use SSH access, see "SSH access to
    device" section for more details.

    To use telnet or SSH access to STB, you will also need to know the IP
    address of STB. You can see current IP address in "Setup" /
    "Information", you can configure fixed IP address in "Setup" /
    "Network", or can check your DHCP server to see what IP address is
    assigned to STB.

Configuring Beesmart server

Beesmart server should be properly configured to work with Dune HD STB, in
   - Ensure the MAC address of your STB is registered in the server.
   - Ensure support of Dune HD's RC is enabled.

Contact Beenius for more information on this.

Supported Beesmart versions

It is recommended to use the latest available 3.2 and 4.0 versions of

Installing Ekioh STB firmware

NOTE: For production use, Ekioh SVG browser requires commercial licensing.
Please agree licensing for production use with your Dune HD contacts.

To get Ekioh STB firmware for evaluation purposes, please obtain
login/password from your Dune HD contacts, and then go to the following

NOTE: The ".dff.zip" file is a ZIP-archive. After downloading it, you
should first unzip it and get the DFF (".dff") file.

The simplest way to install the firmware is to put the DFF file onto a USB
disk, attach it to the box, open the USB disk in the file browser in the
native Dune UI, choose the DFF file and just press "ENTER" RC button.

For other ways to install the firmware, see here:
   "Firmware update instructions"

Configuring STB to connect to proper Beesmart server

After boot of STB the start page "index.svg" is loaded into Ekioh browser.
The start page, in particular, contains the address of middleware server.
The default start page contains the address of the default publicly
available Beesmart server.

Default start page is file "/firmware/config/stb_home/index.svg" on the
device (residing in the read-only partition which can not be directly
edited). It can be overridden with custom start page located in the
read-write configuration partition, i.e. with file

To configure the address of middleware server, perform the following steps:

1.  In telnet or SSH session, copy built-in start page into read-write

    mkdir -p /config/stb_home/
    cp /firmware/config/stb_home/index.svg /config/stb_home/index.svg

2.  Edit start page and replace IP address of middleware in the "homePage"

    vi /config/stb_home/index.svg

On next device boot the new server address will be used.

Alternatively, you can also use a special so called "service file" which
allows to install custom index.svg file using native Dune UI. Instructions:

   1. Download the DSF (Dune Service File) file from here:

   2. Put the DSF file onto the USB disk.

   3. Put the index.svg file onto the USB disk near the DSF file (in the
      same folder).

   4. Attach the USB disk to Dune HD STB, choose the DSF file in the file
      browser in the native Dune UI and press "ENTER". The index.svg file
      will be copied into /config/stb_home/index.svg.

NOTE: Sample "index.svg" page can also be downloaded here:

Getting to native Dune UI from Ekioh STB firmware

When Ekioh STB firmware is installed on Dune HD STB, native Dune UI is
normally not available. However, you can get into native Dune UI in the
following way:

1. Boot Dune HD STB normally.

2. Put Dune HD STB into standby mode by pressing "POWER" RC button.

3. Press "D" RC button. Native Dune UI should start.

Restoring standard Dune firmware

See here:
   "Retail firmware versions"

SSH access to device

Since telnet access to device is targeted primarily to development and
often is forbidden in production environments, Ekioh STB firmware comes
with SSH server. Only public key authentication is supported for SSH
access. Developer public key included into firmware can be found in
"/firmware/config/authorized_keys" file on the device. Private part of the
key required for authentication is available here:


To access device via SSH download private key, unzip it, make sure it is
readable only by you (chmod 600 dev.key) and run the following command:

    ssh -i dev.key root@<device IP address>

If public key included into STB firmware need to be overridden, you can
copy any other public key to device:

    telnet <device IP address>
    mkdir -p /config/authorized_keys/
    cp .../other.key.pub /config/authorized_keys/

Restart device in order changes to take effect.

Loading HTML pages using Ekioh browser

By default, Ekioh browser requires to load SVG page on startup. If you want
to load HTML page instead (e.g. for testing a particular HTML page), the
following approach can be used:

Put the following SVG file into /config/stb_home/index.svg:

Then replace the default HTML URL hard-coded in this file
(http://youtube.com/leanback) to the desired HTML URL.

After loading this SVG page, you will see an URL bar with the desired HTML
URL. Press ENTER to load this HTML URL.