Dune HD STB supports Local PVR (immediate recording of the currently played
live stream, scheduled recording of the given live stream) and Local PLTV
(Pause Live TV) (pausing the currently played live stream followed by
time-shifted playback of this stream).

NOTE: Currently supported for SMP867x platforms only, not currently
supported for SMP875x platforms.

For documentation, see:
   js_stb_sdk-*/doc/dune_js_stb_api.txt, "PVR" section
   js_stb_sdk-*/doc/dune_js_stb_api.txt, "PLTV" section

For API usage example, see:

Firmware versions and features

For all new developments which require Local PVR or Local PLTV, it is
highly recommended to use "_b9"+ firmware versions, which have more
complete and debugged Local PVR and Local PLTV implementation.

Local PVR support was first introduced in "_b8" firmware versions. These
firwmare versions have a partial Local PVR implementation, with the
following features and limitations:
   - Features:
      - Background recording of multicast IPTV stream (at most one
        background recording at a time).
      - Background recording can be immediate or scheduled (automatically
        launched by the system timer).
      - Background recording is independent from the currently played media
        content (any other multicast IPTV stream or any other content can
        be played simultaneously with the background recording).
      - Management of all background recordings (scheduled, current, and
      - Simple recording: recording of the currently played IPTV stream
        (this feature is also supported for DVB streams).
      - Verimatrix DRM for IPTV.
   - Limitations:
      - Local PVR is not supported for other kinds of streaming protocols
        (e.g. HLS, HTTP/TS); only multicast IPTV streams and DVB streams
        are supported.
      - Background recording for DVB streams is not supported; only simple
        recording is supported for DVB streams.
      - Local PVR support in Ekioh (and Beesmart middleware) is very
        limited and incomplete.
      - There is no Local PLTV (Pause Live TV) functionality.
      - When playing back a recording, only pause and time seek (set
        position) trick-play operations are supported, but not FF and REW
        (set playback speed) operations.

"_b9"+ firmware versions have the following additional features and changes
for Local PVR in comparison with "_b8" firmware versions:
   - Local PVR is supported for HLS including Verimatrix Web DRM.
   - Much more complete support for Local PVR in Ekioh, including support
     for Local PVR and TimeShift use cases in Beesmart middleware, for
     multicast IPTV and HLS streams. (Additionally, for Beesmart
     middleware, support for Network PVR and TimeShift use cases is
     improved for HLS streams.)
   - Support for optional LPVR recordings encryption. Encryption is
     supported for IPTV, DVB and HLS streams. Recordings encryption can be
     set globally on firmware level or specified for each media URL
     separately. Encrypted recordings can be played only on the STB the
     recordings were made.
      - See:
         - "recording_encryption" here:
            - http://files.dune-hd.com/sdk/doc/html/dune_custom_firmware.html
         - "recording_encryption" here:
            - http://files.dune-hd.com/sdk/doc/html/media_url.html

"_b9"+ firmware versions also provide Local PLTV support (available via STB
API), with the following features and limitations:
   - Local PLTV is supported only for multicast IPTV streams and DVB
     streams; HLS streams are not supported.